Excellence in Professional Support

between Japan and the United States

After expanding operations overseas, maintaining continuous growth in each country poses various challenges due to differences in accounting systems, culture, and business practices.

At Univis America Group, experienced consultants with qualifications as certified public accountants in both Japan and the United States provide support for accounting-related tasks that require specialized and advanced accounting knowledge.

Enhanced financial closure

Univis America Group offers advanced financial closing services to achieve detailed financial reporting. To provide stakeholders with highly reliable financial statements, we deliver extensive support, including detailed analysis to enhance the accuracy of financial data, minimizing uncertainties, and streamlining the reporting process. Our support spans across Japan and the United States to ensure that you can provide stakeholders with trustworthy financial information.

External audit and review support

To ensure that our clients smoothly navigate external audits and reviews, our experienced consultants with extensive auditing backgrounds from leading audit firms provide comprehensive support from pre-audit preparation to the issuance of audit reports. We facilitate a seamless audit process. Moreover, we handle various tasks such as the preparation of financial statements based on US GAAP, JGAAP, IFRS, as well as the creation of accounting memos addressing technical points requested by external audit firms.

Internal Control Evaluation Support

Our consultants, well-versed in J-SOX and US-SOX, support companies in conducting internal control evaluations—an essential pillar of governance. We assist in enhancing risk identification and management, optimizing business operations, and concurrently fostering transparency within the organization.

GAAP Conversion

Our consultants, proficient in US GAAP, JGAAP, and IFRS, provide support for complex accounting conversions required between various standards. Additionally, consultants experienced in US stock exchange listings offer assistance in adopting US GAAP or IFRS, as needed for listing purposes.

Business planning and budgeting

Through market analysis, financial projections, and setting Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), we develop a business plan that is feasible for our clients, constructing a framework for budget management towards achieving their goals. By crafting strategic business plans and budgeting aimed at corporate growth, we aim to support our clients' long-term success.

CFO Representation

We support crucial financial management tasks such as formulating financial strategies, managing cash flows, and making investment decisions. Particularly for startups and small-to-medium enterprises, we offer advice and execution capabilities to effectively utilize resources and achieve sustainable growth. Additionally, we provide support through short-term consultant assignments or on-site assistance.




Providing High Quality Services

Our experienced team of experts, holding certifications as certified public accountants in both Japan and the United States, is committed to delivering services that surpass our clients' expectations. We achieve this by applying the latest industry knowledge, rigorous quality control processes, and offering flexible services tailored to our clients' needs.


Support from both Japan and the U.S.

With offices in both Japan and the U.S.A., we aim to be closer to our customers. Our team consists of experts well-versed in local regulations and business practices, providing advice and support from an international perspective.


Multi-Language Support

We have specialists proficient in multiple languages, including Japanese and English, to support seamless communication at each of our client's locations. Particularly concerning Japan and the United States, we offer services that comprehend the differences in culture and business environments of both regions.


Focus on Core Business

External specialists handling accounting tasks that require specialized and advanced knowledge enable our clients to focus their valuable time and resources on areas truly essential to their business.


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