U.S. real estate is an attractive investment target that offers significant tax savings compared to real estate investment in Japan due to differences in the taxation systems of Japan and the United States.Regardless of your location or investment style, Univis America Group consultants with abundant experience and know-how in U.S. real estate investment provide services tailored to your individual needs, from consultation at the time of investment consideration to bookkeeping and preparation of annual tax returns after investment is made. We bring rich experience and expertise in U.S. real estate investment, ensuring personalized services aligned with each client's unique needs.

The allure of U.S. real estate investment


Tax-Advantaged Properties

The purchase price of real estate is typically allocated between land and buildings. In the vast land of the United States, the proportion allocated to buildings is generally higher than in Japan. Therefore, a larger depreciable amount is allocated to buildings, offering greater potential for tax deductions in relation to the investment amount.

Further Investment through Accelerated Depreciation

In earthquake-free regions of the United States, it's a common practice to maintain real estate in good condition through repeated renovations. By conducting U.S. real estate investments under a Japanese corporation and skillfully utilizing Japan's tax system, it is possible to depreciate assets in as little as four years. As a result, early tax benefits can be attained, allowing for the exploration of further investment opportunities with surplus funds.


Investment Consideration

Our experienced consultants, who are well versed in U.S. real estate investment, will propose the most suitable methods for U.S. real estate investments for you.

Assistance with Investment Structures

Deciding on the investment structure for U.S. real estate holds significant importance as it greatly impacts subsequent tax handling. Consultants well-versed in U.S. real estate and tax practices will provide advice tailored to your needs, considering the benefits and drawbacks associated with different investment structures.

Affiliated Partner Referrals

To invest in real estate in the U.S., it is essential to work with qualified real estate agents, U.S. attorneys, and property management companies. We can introduce you to professionals with expertise in U.S. real estate in various fields, depending on your needs.


Start of investment

Experienced consultants specializing in U.S. real estate investments will handle various procedures required at the beginning of your investment.

Corporate registration

When purchasing U.S. real estate through a corporate entity, it is necessary to undertake the establishment of corporations or out-of-state corporation registration (branch registration) in each state. In cases of real estate investment through a corporate entity, corporate registration is required for each state where the property is located. Univis America Group can assist with corporate registrations in all states.

Obtaining a Taxpayer Identification Number

We will act as an intermediary for obtaining the necessary taxpayer identification number (EIN for corporate clients, ITIN for individual clients) required before filing taxes and making tax payments in the United States. Additionally, Univis America LLC is a Certified Acceptance Agent recognized by the IRS in New York state, providing assistance for a smooth ITIN acquisition process.



Experienced consultants well-versed in U.S. real estate investments will handle various necessary procedures after the commencement of investments on your behalf.

Bookkeeping Services

To properly assess investments in U.S. real estate, it's crucial to maintain accurate accounting records related to real estate rental businesses. At Univis America Group, we conduct accounting and reporting at frequencies aligned with your needs, aiding in your investment decision-making process.

Tax Return Preparation

In the United States, conducting a real estate rental business requires filing tax returns not only with the federal government but also with the state government where the property is located. Due to varying tax systems among states, it becomes a highly complex process. At Univis America Group, experienced consultants well-versed in U.S. taxation will handle the preparation and filing of annual tax returns on your behalf in the United States.

Scheduled Tax Payment Service

In the United States, when a certain amount of rental income from real estate is generated, it is necessary to make estimated tax payments to the federal and state governments. At Univis America Group, we calculate the estimated tax amount based on your income, enabling timely tax payments to prevent penalties due to non-payment of estimated taxes.

Annual Reporting Service

In states where real estate is owned, an update of basic corporate information called 'Annual Registration' is generally required once a year. However, the procedures and specifics for this update vary from state to state. Univis America Group offers experienced consultants who can handle the Annual Registration processes for all states across the United States.




Unparalleled Tax Return Performance

Univis America Group provides tax filing services related to over 800 U.S. properties annually for Japanese clients, showcasing extensive expertise in U.S. real estate investments.


Bilingual Support

When engaging in U.S. real estate investments, communication in English is often required in various situations. However, Univis America Group comprises professionals fluent in both Japanese and English languages, enabling you to confidently entrust us with various tasks.


U.S.-based Network

As an accounting firm based in the U.S., where our clients invest, the Univis America Group has built a close network with local real estate agents and various professionals to keep abreast of the latest real estate conditions and regulations.


Collaboration with Japanese Tax Accounting Firms

Univis America Group is one of the few Japanese-American accounting firms well-versed in U.S. real estate taxation. We have collaborated with numerous Japanese tax accounting firms in the past, so you can confidently entrust us with coordination and collaboration with your tax accounting firm.


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