The expansion of business operations into the United States is an important step toward achieving our clients' vision, however, in addition to language differences, laws and tax systems differ from state to state, making it extremely difficult to properly handle all operations on your own.
At Univis America Group, our consultants well-versed in U.S. practices offer comprehensive support, from initial planning consultations prior to entering the U.S. market to handling necessary tasks post-expansion. We aim to provide an environment where our clients can focus on their core business with peace of mind.


Expansion into the United States

We support our clients in all ways to enter the U.S. market, including company incorporation, M&A, and U.S. listings.

Company Incorporation Support

Our consultants have extensive experience in incorporating companies in the U.S., from advice on corporate structure, selection of incorporating state in the U.S. to obtaining an EIN and establishing a company in vairous state.

M&A Adviosory

From financial due diligence and target company valuation to post-acquisition PMI, our experienced consultants in cross-border M&A will support clients considering U.S. expansion through M&A transactions.

GAAP Conversion

Our consultants proficient in US GAAP, JGAAP, and IFRS will support clients who are considering U.S. expansion through going public in the U.S. to convert their accounting standards to those required by the U.S. We can assist you in converting your accounting standards to those required by your company's listing in the U.S.
Additionally, we handle implementation support for new standards and conduct impact assessments across various accounting standards


Post U.S. Expansion

At Univis America, we undertake various administrative tasks such as accounting, taxation, and payroll calculations that arise after expanding into the United States. We aim to create an environment where our clients can focus on their core business with peace of mind.

Accounting Outsourcing

We will handle accounting tasks such as bookkeeping, performance reporting as per your needs, invoice issuance, payments, and other financial operations based on your requirements. Additionally, we offer services requiring advanced accounting expertise, including financial statement preparation and support for external auditors. For further details, please refer to our 'U.S. Accounting Consulting' services.

Payroll Calclulation

We utilize a payroll system to process employee salaries, manage various tax withholdings and payments, and appropriately handle payroll-related data for each employee. Additionally, we also undertake gross-up calculations for expatriate employees.

Corporate Tax Return Preparation

We handle the preparation and filing of corporate tax returns to the federal government, state, and local governments where our clients conduct business. Additionally, we also manage the preparation and filing of individual income tax returns for all employees.

Sales Tax Return Preparation

We handle the preparation and filing of sales tax returns to state and local governments where our clients conduct business. Additionally, we manage Nexus analysis and facilitate registrations required for sales tax filings in various states.




Providing High Quality Services

Our experienced professionals with Japanese and U.S. CPA licenses are constantly striving to exceed our clients' expectations by applying the latest industry knowledge, rigorous quality control processes, and flexible services tailored to our clients' needs.


Support from both Japan and the U.S.

With offices in both Japan and the U.S., we are closer to our clients and provide advice and support from an international perspective, with experts familiar with local regulations and business practices.


Local Network in the U.S.

Utilizing our network in the U.S., we can introduce you to local attorneys and other professionals, whose relationships are crucial for conducting business in the United States.


Multi-Language Support

Experts proficient in multiple languages, including Japanese and English, will support seamless communication at each of your locations. Particularly concerning Japan and the United States, we provide services tailored to understand the differences in culture and business environments in both countries.


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